Landscapes, unfeigned or illusory

by ike on 8:02 am

Last Friday I attended the opening of the Minneapolis Photo Center’s landscape exhibit where my print Last Light, Van Road Pines placed 2nd. I was actually stunned at the attendance. The press release said there were 4000 entries so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised at a good turn out but it was packed.

Amazingly, with the big crowd, I only recognized two photographers in the crowd; Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin and Bill Cameron.  Although this felt weird, I think its a good thing, it means there is a much larger photography community in Minneapolis than I thought.

I was surprised how complete the digital revolution has been, it may be that Keith Taylor’s wonderful Badlands platinum print and my gum over were the only wet prints present. ¬†My only disappointment was there was no indication that the work was for sale. Simple adding the price to the print label would have been enough.

Orin and Abby Rutchik the founders of the center have definitely tapped into something and should be congratulated.

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