IPhone, IPad or IPod touch
IOS 4.3 or greater

The FilmTimer application for Apple IOS provides film photographers a tool for making long exposures accounting for reciprocity failure.

The application includes reciprocity failure tables from manufactures as well as tables contributed by well known photographers.   The photographer selects his film and metered exposure time,  the application then times the exposure to account for reciprocity using it’s built in timer.  The timer uses IOS’s notification services so the application does not need to be running during a long exposure. The photographer can enter their own reciprocity tables so they are not limited to those provided.

The included tables cover popular Black and White films including TMAX 100, TMX 400, TRI-X, Delta 100, and HP5 from several testing sources.


Time exposures accounting for reciprocity

Support for popular Black and White films

Manage your film reciprocity tables

Add your own film reciprocity tables


You may submit support issues for the FilmTimer App here.